Monday, June 20, 2016

Yuri - Marian Tee

Marian Tee

So of the heart racer series this is one of my favorites. 

Yuri takes the angel and an angel in disguise and brings them together in a perfectly balanced way. 

This story starts off rough! Our main character Kalliope Antoinue has a very rough beginning that leaves her under the impression that she is unlovable. Yuri's life has left him believing that he's heartless. You can imagine my frustration with the pair of them the entire book! 

How can someone as sweet, pure, kind, and loving believe she's unlovable? How can someone who repeatedly steps out of his box just to make said girl feel at ease and calm around him think he's heartless!!!

But I digress. This story was amazing. Yuri literally pisses me off with his pretending but not really situation! In the end this book has a strong message of getting out of the way of love. Let it do its work.

READ IT PEOPLE. Its Marian Tee. She never disappoints me.  

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