Saturday, August 23, 2014

I've been slacking on my blogging

Hiya Bookies, Biblios, and Visitors,

It's been quite awhile.

I've been MIA for 2 main reasons.

1) Personal Problems. I had to take time to remember who I am with or without people. And rest assured Bookworm is definitely a part of Am. I practically read the entire time.

2) I kind of feel like my blog barely gets traffic. So I was tweeting my 2 cents and leaving it at that. However, my 2 cents is hardly enough lol so I'm back, traffic or not!

Reviews coming at you double time.

Here's a list of all that I've read that I'm reviewing tonight:

The Art of Wedding A Greek Billionaire by Marian Tee

Drip Drop Tear Drop by Samantha Young

Rogue by Katy Evans

Opposition by Jennifer L. Armentrout

Bronagh by L.A. Casey

Swish by Marian Tee

Burn by Marian Tee

Click by Marian Tee

Happy reading guys.

I plan to set up a schedule for my blog so I'm posting at least four times a week.

If there's any suggestions as to what you'd like to see or participate in I'm all ears!



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