Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Opposition ~ Jennifer L. Armentrout Review

by: Jennifer L. Armentrout 


I . . . have been with this series from the start. 

This review is my good bye to it. 

Daemon. . . you've never let me down. 

Katy… girl I had my moments with you! Your pig headedness got us in some rough and hurtful situations, but then again without it we wouldn't have had the journey we went on through the 5 books. 

This book definitely surpassed my expectation. 

I was thoroughly and completely in my feelings through out every page turn. 

This entire series was sooooo worth it. 

Thats really all that I can say without spoiling the entire book, which I happily will lol i need to talk to someone about the major feels. But I won't. Instead I'll let you all see exactly what I mean first hand. 

Thank you so much for the gift of the Lux Series JLA! 

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