Saturday, December 19, 2015

It Has Been FOREVER!!!

Hello to all my fellow bibliophiles and bookies!

I've missed blogging with you! We've missed out on a pretty good year.

So for starters my beautiful Mac contracted a bit a virus, somehow. It's gotten a lot better! However... she's not fully healed yet but she's workable now!

That being said. . . I completed my goodreads reading challenge this year. WOOT WOOT for me! So a lot of reviews should be coming your way fairly soon! And you might say yeah right, you've said that before... but trust me I've got a bit of too much time on my hands sooooo "Don't believe me just watch!!!"

On a personal note: I've got a little baby boy on the way! I'm going to be a mommy! And I'm so excited! My fiancee has already said that once itty bitty is here he doesn't want me to let go of me, so once we get on a schedule with baby boy there will be times set aside for blogging each week. (I love him)

More good news: I've got a lot of time on my hands sooo we all know my nose will be pointed down at some book 95.9% of the time till itty bitty gets here!

Really excited to start this back up again and get back into the world of bookies, bibliophiles, and fandoms with you guys.

With lots of fondness,
                         Am the Bookworm

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