Monday, December 21, 2015

Make my week Mondays

Whovians come one and all!

It's definitely bigger on the inside this week.


I'll admit I have not been following closely this season, so I'm a little behind.

SO today I was scrolling through Doctor Who's tumblr and lo and behold theres a doctor who marathon all week!!!! From December 22 at 6 am to December 28 at 6 am if you happen to tune into BBCAmerica, Who will be on!!!!

On top of this great news my excitement continues to grow in leaps and bounds for the return of our beloved RIVER SONG!!!!

She will be in the Christmas special and I am fan girling sooo hard I might possibly faint when I see her. She's my absolute favorite.

SO for the week my whovians, bookies, and bibliophiles....

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