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Jaak and Ilse: A Dutch Billionaire Love Story ~ Marian Tee

Ok all so I have so many Marian books to review... well publish Mondays will be Marian Tee Mondays for the rest of the year. Min 1 review Max 3. Hope you enjoy .

Jaak and Ilse: A Dutch Billionaire Love StoryJaak and Ilse: A Dutch Billionaire Love Story by Marian Tee

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Alrighty then!

Marian. Marian. Marian.

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Jaak and Ilse was the cutest love story to me. And then I got pissed.

I wont spoil it but I really found myself ready to have words with JAAK over his hot then cold then hot self. I wanted to shake some sense into him. And then shake some sense into Ilse. She deserved better.... loads and loads better. However I was happy for them once the book was over. She was with the man she loved and I respect that.

But I think the next book if the guy is as. . . I don't even have the words for Jaak, if he sucks as much as Jaak did and our girl just takes it, I'll be emailing you asking why. Clearly I'm still a little salty for Ilse. I'll live.

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This was a good book guys, just certain things resonated within me throughout it and it made me very passionate about what Ilse deserved and what she didn't.

Read it.

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