Sunday, June 8, 2014

Sentinel ~ Jennifer L. Armentrout Review

by: Jennifer L. Armentrout


I always find myself completely in my feelings when I finish this book and therefore this series. 

As a reader I've gone through this long exciting and emotional journey with these characters and every thing goes down so fast. I don't know about others but for the majority of this book i was in the "no this can't be right and that can't be right" state and in the end it was but it was for the better. 

The Covenant series shows lessons of immaturity to maturity, knowing vs. understanding , want vs need , love vs in love.

This series never gets old. 

It kicks daimons butt every single time. 

So to sum it up with a sentence and a gif: 

Sentinel had me all in my emotions but its such a great book! 

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