Friday, May 30, 2014

FlashBack Friday

Those of us who fell in love with  Drogo and his Khaleessi from game of thrones season 1, this one is for us. 

Meet Circe 

(looks just like our Khaleesi, huh?)

Circe has woken up in a alternate universe where hardly anyone speaks her language. Oh and did I mention she's in a corral with several other women about to participate in the wife hunt of the Korwahk nation?

Now, meet Dax (King) Lahn : 

(he looks familiar too) 

He's self explanatory; However I will say he's never chosen to participate in the Wife hunt, however one glimpse of Circe's blonde hair and he ready to put his chain on her collar. . . literally. 

Ok y'all just like Drogo and Dannie this story started out rough. Like I-don't-know-if-I-can-read-this-anymore rough. But it quickly turns into an ok-they're-going-to-work-this-out rough and then the story goes deeper and I couldn't put it down. It's one of my favorite books guys. 

there is definitely moments of: 

BUT there is so much more than that…like hmm idk for example a HEA. 

Okay. what I'm really trying to say is : GO read it and see for yourself!!!  

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