Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Rush Too Far - Abbi Glines Review

by: Abbi Glines

Where do I even start? Hold on, let me just: 


      I went into this knowing the full story from the Fallen Too Far beginning, Never Too Far middle, to the Forever Too Far ending. So, I thought I knew what to expect. Let me tell you: I wasn't even ready. As predicted in my pre-read my Rush Crush officially knows no bounds now. 

     Getting inside Rush's head completely was a game changer for the whole series. The man loves Blaire Wynn, with every fiber of his being. From start to finish Rush Too Far had me turning the pages and empathizing with a character who, at first introduction in Fallen Too Far, I originally wanted to gut. 

The storyline was still one I enjoyed. It was great to see all that was going on in Rush's world and all that he had to choose and overcome. The characters were still a joy…well except Nan, I still think Nan needs serious therapy. Overall the ups and down of the book were still fresh and enjoyable as the first time I read Fallen Too Far.

The ending, wow. Just … wow. Let's just say in Fallen too Far I cried for Blaire but at the same time felt sorry for Rush. In Rush too Far, I was darn near sobbing for Rush and close to blows with Blaire. 

So over all Rush Too Far has left me with: an insane crush on a book character, in some serious feels, and ready to re-read the whole series…again! 

Congrats, Abbi! You've done it again. 

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