Friday, May 30, 2014

Half-Blood ~ Jennifer L. Armentrout Review

by: Jennifer L. Armentrout  


Definitely 5 out of 5 stars!

I have reread this book, uhhh I lost count of how many times, time and time again and it still hasn't got old. 

I always find something that sticks out more every single time. 

Alex- Hot head who's passionate 

Aiden - *wipes drool* I can't even describe him just . . . read the book and you'll understand

Seth - the sexy mofo who you're not sure if he's team protagonist or antagonist 

There's so many more characters that were great to read but those mentioned above are always the main three. 

In this book Alex has a lot of lessons to learn, and boy does she start to learn them. She honestly never catches a break, but you see it building and molding her character at the very least. Certain situations she is put in or must face really connects you with her and takes you from being annoyed with her to Team Alex. 

This book holds action, romance, mystery, horror, tragedy, and comedy. (i love books like this)

So there's honestly something for everybody. 

I definitely recommend it, any time, any place, read it! 

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